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Celebrating 101 years in the family music business! 

Fun, interactive, upbeat show

Live music with humor appropriate for ALL AGES

Acoustic ROCK guitar... yes...rock....this is not a mellow laid back acoustic thing... and a BOX! Seriously, a BOX, the drummer hits a box thing (called a CAJON) like John Bohnam beating up Neil Pert...and it rocks!

No computerized or pre-recorded anything


100% real live music by live musicians! 

A music show or program for everyone! BIG and TALL does shows for children, families, drinking age party people, seniors and any combination of age groups.


 Specializing in:

  • Train and Railroad Museums
  • Family Friendly Fairs and Festivals
  • School Assemblies, Workshops and Residencies
  • Library Summer Reading
  • Casinos
  • Nightclubs
  • Sports Bars
  • Daycare and Senior Care
  • Parties and Weddings
  • Special Events


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Looking for Mr. Billy?

You found him! Mr. Billy, super popular children's and family performer is now half of the band BIG and TALL.


He still does all the same great kids music you have been enjoying for 15 years, performing songs from his 29 rock and roll children's CDs.


He has just added grown up and senior shows to his list of musical offerings and made ALL shows a TWO MAN Mr. Billy is now BIG and TALL.


You can still get Mr. Billy music at CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify and more.


Click here to see all Mr. Billy CDs and music


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